Foursome of pasta with a touch of Seabreeze

Most of us love the sea. The salty air, this light “fishy” breeze makes us feel happy and recharged. We walk the beach,  watch the fishes happily swim along and if hungry we thoughtfully gaze at the seaweeds – could we, should we, can we dare to eat 🙂

If you are missing a bit of sea breeze in your life right now ( or if you try to go vegan, but love a fishy taste)  this pasta- salad is a good start. I recently did discover  Seamore, a company selling algae products. Some of my “former-fish-addicted-now-vegan” friends can’t get enough of their algae pasta and bacon which I did use for this recipe.

Recipe: Foursome Pasta Salad with a touch of Seabreeze

(after a recipe from Nicole Just – La Veganista Superfood)


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Feeling Blue(berry) today?

I always have been a big fan of blueberries. As a child I loved to eat the wild bilberries. Not only do they taste delicious, their inside is a juicy blueish purple, which colors your tongue and lips and gives you a funny look ( it also stains your cloth, so the fun was over once Mum did see that:).  Wild bilberries are hard to find but blueberries are easily available. Although you miss out on the freakish look ( they are white inside) they nonetheless do taste great and are very healthy. They make a perfect partner for a beautiful chia dessert!

Recipe: Blue Chia Seed Pudding


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Lemon Kissed Swiss Chard: Saag Aloo

I love Indian food. The spices, the colors and the 1000 creative variations are making me happy each time. I own a way too many cookbooks, and my husband and I in turn pick which dish to try next.

Currently we are totally in love with Anna Jones “a modern way to eat” and are cooking many of her fantastic dishes. Her Lemon Swiss Chard Aloo is simple, quick and very tasty. The chapatis, which are to be served with it, I did myself. Indian neighbors did teach.They are supposed to be round, but mine come in all shapes:)

Recipe: Saag Aloo (serves 4)

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Saved-my-day Tomato Soup

If i am grumpy, stressed and do not feel like doing anything, not even to cook, my husband comes to rescue me with a huge pot of hot soup. He so turns a horrible day into a great one. The last time he saved my day it was with this mouth-watering tomato – coconut soup inspired by Björn Moschinski’s book “vegan kochen für alle”

Recipe: Tomato – Coconut Soup


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Heavenly Dessert: Avocado- Chocolate Cake

A few days ago I spend a wonderful time with two vegan couchsurfers who did come to visit in Munich. While strolling through town and dropping by at Munich’s vegan hotspots like Max Pett and Tushita Teahouse, we have been discussing on how to impress not-vegan friends with some delicious vegan desserts. I did promise them the recipe for the avocado-chocolate cake from Surdham Göb’s “Meine Vegane Küche”.

So here it comes – For Alysa & Alessandro! I hope you had a nice weekend in Munich and will come and visit us again soon!

Recipe: Avocado-Chocolate Cake


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It’s all about Cheeze

Being vegan means to replace an “s” with an “z” …  Instead of cheese I now eat cheeze:)

And there are many good vegan cheeze alternatives out there (like Happy Cheeze). But sometimes you just crave cheeze IMMEDIATELY and QUICKLY! So why not just make your own cheeze?

Recipe: Cashew Cheeze


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Time to Retox – Vegan Egg Flip

With the start of the new year, many of us have made good resolutions: Less sugar and fat, more sports, less alcohol. Some of us even plan to detox for a day, weekend or even week. So did I, but I simply did not succeed…. I have guests over, whom I want to impress with yummy vegan food, so I bake a pizza; there are still Christmas cookies left over, which need to be eaten, and  – from bad to worse  –  I stumble over a recipe for vegan egg flip I needed to try immediately. So, sorry – no time for detox, I need to RETOX:)

Recipe: Vegan Egg Flip


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