Get ready for a vegan Oktoberfest 2017

Once again a very special time is approaching. In less than a week the Oktoberfest 2017 will start. Locals and tourist, young and old, hipsters and traditionalist, they all come together to drink, eat and enjoy Bavarian cosiness.

Much beer will be consumed and, unfortunately, many pigs, cows and chickens have to give their lives to fill hungry stomachs. But vegans do not need to despair. Vegan food has conquered Oktoberfest, too, and you will find vegan options at nearly all tents. Below I did put together some tips & recommendations for a vegan Wiesn 2017. So get ready for a stroll around the Oktoberfest and have fun!

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(Picture: Michaela Schellhorn,

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Vegan Istanbul: How to survive and thrive as a vegan organic food maniac

Whenever asked how a vegan diet works on travel I tend to say: “No problem, there are fruits and vegetables everywhere available, also pasta, rice and other grains should be easy to be found. Just make sure you have a place to cook and you are all set”.

As I am staying this summer in Istanbul, I decided to put this to test. How easy is it to live vegan here?

708835_web_R_K_B_by_Stefan Stefan Eidenberger,

Well, Turkey offers a wide variety of greens, vegetables, fruits, grains as Turkey actually is one of the world’s most important producers in this sector. There should be plenty to be found and enjoyed – so I thought. After my first ten days here, I am not as happy as I expected to be…

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