True friends bake cakes:)

Every single year my friend Bea bakes a vegan birthday cake for me and also one for my husband’s birthday. Every single time a different one. Every single time her cakes are not only super-tasty, all vegan and organic, but they always are true eye candies. I even have  created a Facebook album just for all her creations.

This year’s cake was especially pretty with it’s blueberries, coconut topping  – and a filling of avocado, peanuts and raspberries.

Bea’s Birthday Cake for Daniela – 2017


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Bloody Morning: Beetroot-Blueberry Smoothie

Green Smoothies do not always have to be green. Depending on what you throw into your mixer you can end up with some interesting colours. Blueberries and Beetroots will make this smoothie turn out a very bright bloody red. Yes, vegans are mean hunters – poor little beetroots  and blueberries better hide from us:)

Recipe: Beetroot-Blueberry Smoothie (for 300 ml)


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It’s all about Cheeze

Being vegan means to replace an “s” with an “z” …  Instead of cheese I now eat cheeze:)

And there are many good vegan cheeze alternatives out there (like Happy Cheeze). But sometimes you just crave cheeze IMMEDIATELY and QUICKLY! So why not just make your own cheeze?

Recipe: Cashew Cheeze


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Holly Cow – This Cashew is Cheesy:)

One of my favorite foods used to be boiled potatoes with salt, pepper, a lot of butter and a good selection of Camembert.

Turning vegan this became a bit of a challenge. Sure, potato, salt & pepper still were on the menu and butter easily replaced by a vegan alternative. But the cheese – this turned out to be a real challenge. I could not find a vegan cheese which had this right taste and feel, this creaminess and the moluded cheese flavor I so much enjoyed. So when Glücksküche, the company producing Happy-Cheeze, did offer to send me a package to taste, I decided to put those cheeses to the ultimate “Potato and Cheese Test”.


To make sure we are home when the packages arrives, my husband and I took turns leaving the house – that is dedication:)

My sample package has been delivered:


Inside 4 cheeses, which I reverently unpacked, as they are little works of wonder, based on fermented cashew nuts.

Once the potatoes have been cooked, the fun started.

Classic Cheeze

It’s very elegant, mild and nutty taste does go well with anything and leaves a creamy feeling.

Wild Garlic Cheeze

The subtle, aromatic herbal taste of wild garlic and it’s nice colour make this cheese something special. It makes you nibble on and on. Don’t worry – you will not smell like garlic afterwards:)

Smoked Pepper Cheeze

I love the robust and aromatic, piquant taste of this cheese. If you used to love the smoked cheeses and are looking for something with a lot of character, this is your cheese. It will go well with a good glass of red wine!

Happy White – the new shining star of Glücksküche

I have to admit, I was very excited to try Happy White – the vegan noble mould cheese.  And…. I LOVE IT! The creamy white inside melts on your tongue, the moulded crust has just the perfect structure and exactly the taste of a brie or Camembert. This cheese makes your taste buds dance and sing in joy!!


They looked so good, they tasted so good, I did not event want to share with anyone. But marriage sometimes can be cruel: ” In good and bad days – we share all”,  so I had to give half of those scrumptiously yummy cheeses to my husband and we enjoyed them together with boiled butter potato, vegan ham and some grilled porcini mushrooms – what a feast!!!


But not only are they really really yummy, they are also healthy: organic, raw and made with nothing more then cashew, water, pink Himalaya salt, spices, vegan fermentation bacteria and LOVE (and  I assure you, you can taste the love!)

Want some tasty vegan cheese, too? Check out their website!

To make the world an even happier place with more of their cheeses, Glücksküche currently is also running a campaign on Kickstarter. They already have hit their first financing goal- Congratulations! Check it our and join the cheese revolution!

Happy Cheeze – Happy Life

No life without cheese

I have been a cheese addict all my life. I used to eat them all: hard and soft cheese, sheep-goat or buffalo cheese, blue cheese, unpasteurized cheese… there has been no cheese smelly enough to be saved from me. For me cheese was one of life’s essentials.

Cheese without life

Turning vegan I discovered that a life without cheese is possible, but can it be happy? I’ve been trying many vegan cheese alternatives and did even find some I kind-a liked. Although I never was tempted to go back to the “real thing”, I have to admit that those vegan cheeses never gave me the same bliss I did get in my old cheese-lover’s days. The missing texture, the absent mold and the lack of “stink” always gave me the feeling they are not the real thing, a little bit without real life and love. Additionally they are often loaded with fat, aromas and are highly processed.

Vegan Happiness with Happy Cheeze

Vegan, organic, raw and healthy – that sounds good. Feels and tastes like cheese, looks like real white cheese or blue cheese– you must be kidding me!!


Dr. Annika Mannah & Dr. Mudar Mannah from Happy-Cheeze, a small German company, made my dreams come true. They are already offering six different artisan super-tasty cashew based cheeses, one tastier than the other. All vegan, all raw without any additional conservatives or stabilisers.

Picture: Justin P. Moore, The Lotus and The Artichoke 

Now they are setting out to an even bigger adventure with their newest product, the soft-ripened Happy White.  A true cheese lovers’ delight this cheese was only available online for small periods of time and you needed to be quick to order (light-speed!), before all those gourmets did buy it all up once again.

Good news: They are planning to step up production – Hurrah!!!


Picture: Justin P. Moore, The Lotus and The Artichoke 

Put your money where your mouth is

To keep pace with the enormous demand they must grow their facilities, more space and new equipment is needed. And we all can get involved, and support them! Happy-Cheeze is running a crowd funding campaign to raise the necessary funds to make us all “Happy-Cheeze Lovers”!


Picture: Dr. Mudar Mannah, Happy-Cheeze

So, put your money where your mouth is!

I did. And I offered to write about them because I really like what they are doing. It is up to us consumers to make sure the things we wish for can come true! I did not get paid for this (but am bribed with cheese:).

Wild, Raw, Green Bliss in a Glass

I love soups. And if they are as pretty as this one, I love them even more.

This Raw Wild Herbal Soup is happiness in a bowl and also super healthy. Enjoy!


Ingredients (serves 4)
3–4 cups wild edible herbs. Get creative and create your own combination. Based on the season you will be able to find a lot of edible herbs out in the nature and in your local stores. For this one I did use nettle, wild garlic, dandelion, watercress, garden cress, radish leaves, sorrel and chervil

1 cup miso paste

1 ripe avocado

2 teaspoons of olive oil

2 teaspoons mustard

1 teaspoon curry powder

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

salt and black pepper

Wild garlic flowers for decoration


Using a high speed blender, blend all herbs with approx. 2 cups of lukewarm water. Blend until you get a nice smooth mixture. Add the remaining ingredients and blend again.

Blending in my Vitamix the soup will get warm itself. You also can transfer the soup to a pot and carefully warm it up to a max. of 42 degree Celsius ( so your soup still is RAW and all the enzymes stay alive).
Once done, transfer to nice small glasses, so you can enjoy it’s bright green color. Decorate with the wild garlic flowers.


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