True friends bake cakes:)

Every single year my friend Bea bakes a vegan birthday cake for me and also one for my husband’s birthday. Every single time a different one. Every single time her cakes are not only super-tasty, all vegan and organic, but they always are true eye candies. I even have  created a Facebook album just for all her creations.

This year’s cake was especially pretty with it’s blueberries, coconut topping  – and a filling of avocado, peanuts and raspberries.

Bea’s Birthday Cake for Daniela – 2017


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Homemade Milks: Cashewmilk with Berries

Besides trying a lot of new “milks” there is one I always come back to….

One of my favorite nuts is cashew. Unfortunately so far I have not been able to find organic cashew here yet. But  Malatya Pazarı offers some raw cashews, so I went with those. Together with the huge amount of fresh berries currently available this milk makes a wonderful summer drink!

Recipe: Raspberry-Blackberry Cashew Milk

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