Foursome of pasta with a touch of Seabreeze

Most of us love the sea. The salty air, this light “fishy” breeze makes us feel happy and recharged. We walk the beach,  watch the fishes happily swim along and if hungry we thoughtfully gaze at the seaweeds – could we, should we, can we dare to eat 🙂

If you are missing a bit of sea breeze in your life right now ( or if you try to go vegan, but love a fishy taste)  this pasta- salad is a good start. I recently did discover  Seamore, a company selling algae products. Some of my “former-fish-addicted-now-vegan” friends can’t get enough of their algae pasta and bacon which I did use for this recipe.

Recipe: Foursome Pasta Salad with a touch of Seabreeze

(after a recipe from Nicole Just – La Veganista Superfood)


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Eggs without Eggs: Vegan Egg Salad

Hurrah! It is summer time. The sun is shining, we are enjoying nature, picnics, barbecues and summer parties. I wish this could go on forever. But what treats to bring to those parties besides the stereotype tofu burgers and grilled vegetables? Here is a recipe to impress your vegan, vegetarian and omnivore friends alike: Egg- Salad.

But Stop: Eggs are not vegan… how to do a egg salad without eggs, no way, that is not possible. Well, the secret is two main ingredients (egg white and yolk) and a special salt and you are all set!

So here it comes: The Egg Salad without Egg

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