Get ready for a vegan Oktoberfest 2017

Once again a very special time is approaching. In less than a week the Oktoberfest 2017 will start. Locals and tourist, young and old, hipsters and traditionalist, they all come together to drink, eat and enjoy Bavarian cosiness.

Much beer will be consumed and, unfortunately, many pigs, cows and chickens have to give their lives to fill hungry stomachs. But vegans do not need to despair. Vegan food has conquered Oktoberfest, too, and you will find vegan options at nearly all tents. Below I did put together some tips & recommendations for a vegan Wiesn 2017. So get ready for a stroll around the Oktoberfest and have fun!

479707_web_R_B_by_Michaela Schö

(Picture: Michaela Schellhorn,

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Oktoberfest 2015: Get ready for a vegan Wiesn


O’zafpt is! Get Ready – Go Vegan!

Oktoberfest 2015 will start in less than a week. From 19th of September until 4th of October Munich once more will be celebrating like crazy. With more than 6 million visitors from all over the world I am sure some vegans will find their way, too.

Over 16 big tents, 21 small tents and many small booths will offer local specialties; sadly most of it will not be vegan (last year more  than 112 oxen and 48 calves had to give their life). Still, no reason to despair. As a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle becomes more and more common, even traditional events like the Oktoberfest start to pick up the trend. Vegetarian food is easy to be found and even vegan dishes make it to the menus.

Below you will find a quick overview of where to satisfy your VEGAN hunger. Print out the list and start your vegan Oktoberfest tour. If you want to find out more about the tents (history, size, party-level..) you can follow the links provided below.

479742_web_R_B_by_Michaela Schö by by_Michaela Schöllhorn,

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Vegan Wiesn 2013 – Review and Pictures


Yesterday the 2013 Oktoberfest did come to an end. And I did not make it there as often as planned….. my quest for vegan dishes and delights has ben halted by the “oktoberfest-virus” …something most of us catch visiting the Wiesn ( due to too many beer, too many people and too less hygiene, maybe) – but I did catch it quite early, so it was tea and hot soup at home instead of vegan delights and beer at the Octoberfest 😦

Thank god, I was ill only the second half of the festival, so I have at least some vegan delights to share from the first half:)

Wiesn 2013 started really great for me: a friend of mine had a box at the Ochsenbraterei right at the first Sunday. This tent, when asked for vegan options, promise me that once I am there they would prepare something. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. Oktoberfest is crazy and which kitchen would have time and nerves to go that extra mile. So imagine my surprise – the waitress was already informed and they did serve us a special vegan vegetable platter. It was really nice, a variety of mixed vegetables with different herbs – THANK YOU Ochsenbraterei !!


Looks nice!

A few days later I did visit the Oide Wiesn. In 2010 the Oktoberfest did celebrate it’s 250 year anniversary with an “historical ad-on”. This was originally planned as a “one-time” event, but people loved it so much,  now it is taking place every other year. The Herzkasperl-Tent there offered a whole vegan menu.

I did try: carrot-orange-ginger soup (Yummy!!) ; soja medallions with spaetzle and chanterelles  in  vegan cream sauce, served with almond broccoli and cranberries (see picture below);  homemade “cheese-spaetzle” with roasted onions and a green salad ( so great, I did eat two plates in a row); Apfelkücherl (apple-rings fried in a sweet beer-dough) with homemade vanilla ice-cream (shame on me, no picture of those … they came, smelled and looked just like in my childhood days, I ate them quicker then a picture could have been taken)

carrot-orange-ginger soup

carrot-orange-ginger soup


homemade “cheess-spaetzle” with roasted onions and a green salad


soja medallions with spaetzle and chanterelles in vegan cream sauce, served with almond broccoli and cranberries

After this, the virus did strike  (does a virus count as vegan, or does it count as “non-vegan” ….) … well, staying at home in bed gave me a lot of time to read through my many many cookbooks and plan for some great autumn and winter feasts.

But as we say here in Munich: “Nach der Wiesn is’ vor der Wiesn” ( After the Wiesn is before the Wiesn). We now will start to prepare for Wiesn 2014: Book a table at a tent; look for a nice new dirndl, improve our dancing skills for the Oide Wiesn and most important – convince more tents to serve vegan food. So in the next few months I will reach out to them one-by-one again and try to put my “vegan spell” on them.