Life’s bananas and a bit nuts

Not everything always works out as expected, sometimes things just go bananas and a bit nuts. Just make the best out of it  – turn it into a banana-bread and enjoy the ride!

Recipe: Banana-Bread


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Bavarian Cheesecake

It looks like I am currently hooked up on sweets! I have the urge to bake a cake a week. I hope this will be over before I get really fat:)

My husband loves the classic American Cheesecake. But me, having grown up on the Bavarian countryside, I miss the typical Bavarian Cheesecake, which traditionally is made with curd cheese.

I recently  found a nice vegan recipe in Nicole Just’s La Veganista. I did change it a bit (less sugar and with whole grain) and it really turned out fantastic!

Recipe: Bavarian Cheesecake


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Heavenly Dessert: Avocado- Chocolate Cake

A few days ago I spend a wonderful time with two vegan couchsurfers who did come to visit in Munich. While strolling through town and dropping by at Munich’s vegan hotspots like Max Pett and Tushita Teahouse, we have been discussing on how to impress not-vegan friends with some delicious vegan desserts. I did promise them the recipe for the avocado-chocolate cake from Surdham Göb’s “Meine Vegane Küche”.

So here it comes – For Alysa & Alessandro! I hope you had a nice weekend in Munich and will come and visit us again soon!

Recipe: Avocado-Chocolate Cake


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