Bloody Morning: Beetroot-Blueberry Smoothie

Green Smoothies do not always have to be green. Depending on what you throw into your mixer you can end up with some interesting colours. Blueberries and Beetroots will make this smoothie turn out a very bright bloody red. Yes, vegans are mean hunters – poor little beetroots  and blueberries better hide from us:)

Recipe: Beetroot-Blueberry Smoothie (for 300 ml)


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Green Superhero: Broccoli-Pear Smoothie

I have to admit I have been in kind of a hibernation,  just hanging in there, waiting for nicer, warmer days to come. You have to keep in mind, sleeping is a real energy guzzler. During your night’s sleep you spend nearly 50% of your base metabolic calories!

But now spring is in the air, my spirits are up again and I am back to fill up those empty batteries with healthy delicious food. It is time to switch from warm comfort food to healthy green vitamin bombs for a perfect start into the day and as a prep for  summer and bikini time (you never can start too early). It is  Green Smoothie Time!

Recipe: Green Superhero – Broccoli-Pear Smoothie (250ml)


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A Good Life needs Good Reads

I love to read – I read every single day. I read in the morning before getting up, I read in the afternoon on the couch, I read on plains and trains, I read before I go to sleep. I even read on the loo. I never leave house without a book or my e-reader. I read fiction as well as non fiction, I read German and English books. I read and read, I am basically addicted to books:) If I would buy all the books I read I would have run out of money a long time ago:)


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Glockenbach’s Sweet Tooth – Icecream

My husband and I have a lot in common. But there is one big thing we differ. For him ice cream is something you eat in summer, when the weather is nice. I can eat it all year around. But finally the time of the year has come where we are in sink again. At every street corner an “Eisdiele” (ice cream parlour) has opened. While strolling through my neighborhood you can fill up to the brim on sweet ice cream delight. Just follow the route below and at the end you will have an ice cream- high:)

My favorite places in the Glockenbach/Gärtnerplatz area:

734319_web_R_K_B_by_Timo              (Bild: Timo Klostermeier,

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Feeling Blue(berry) today?

I always have been a big fan of blueberries. As a child I loved to eat the wild bilberries. Not only do they taste delicious, their inside is a juicy blueish purple, which colors your tongue and lips and gives you a funny look ( it also stains your cloth, so the fun was over once Mum did see that:).  Wild bilberries are hard to find but blueberries are easily available. Although you miss out on the freakish look ( they are white inside) they nonetheless do taste great and are very healthy. They make a perfect partner for a beautiful chia dessert!

Recipe: Blue Chia Seed Pudding


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