Indoor athlete’s Chickpea Curry

Cold, rainy, windy …Yuck!  It is simply nasty at the moment.  But good food always can improve my mood, so instead of going out for a run and work on my fitness I go to the kitchen and work on my waistline:)

Chickpeas provide protein, spinach contains iron and potatoes make you feel full – a perfect dish for a rainy day indoor athlete.

Recipe: Chickpea-Spinach-Potato Curry


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Red Morning Love Portion

Its time for a green smoothie which is not green:)  Today’s breakfast is a love potion for your body – in bright red.

Beetroot offers a high concentration of Betain and stimulates the liver. Your body will be able to more easily detox from all those toxins. The minerals in pineapple help to fight hyperacidity and basil has an antibacterial effect, in case you caught some mean cold while partying.

Recipe: Red Love Portion



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A Good Life needs Good Reads

I love to read – I read every single day. I read in the morning before getting up, I read in the afternoon on the couch, I read on plains and trains, I read before I go to sleep. I even read on the loo. I never leave house without a book or my e-reader. I read fiction as well as non fiction, I read German and English books. I read and read, I am basically addicted to books:) If I would buy all the books I read I would have run out of money a long time ago:)


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It’s all about Cheeze

Being vegan means to replace an “s” with an “z” …  Instead of cheese I now eat cheeze:)

And there are many good vegan cheeze alternatives out there (like Happy Cheeze). But sometimes you just crave cheeze IMMEDIATELY and QUICKLY! So why not just make your own cheeze?

Recipe: Cashew Cheeze


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