True friends bake cakes:)

Every single year my friend Bea bakes a vegan birthday cake for me and also one for my husband’s birthday. Every single time a different one. Every single time her cakes are not only super-tasty, all vegan and organic, but they always are true eye candies. I even have  created a Facebook album just for all her creations.

This year’s cake was especially pretty with it’s blueberries, coconut topping  – and a filling of avocado, peanuts and raspberries.

Bea’s Birthday Cake for Daniela – 2017


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Glockenbach’s Sweet Tooth – Icecream

My husband and I have a lot in common. But there is one big thing we differ. For him ice cream is something you eat in summer, when the weather is nice. I can eat it all year around. But finally the time of the year has come where we are in sink again. At every street corner an “Eisdiele” (ice cream parlour) has opened. While strolling through my neighborhood you can fill up to the brim on sweet ice cream delight. Just follow the route below and at the end you will have an ice cream- high:)

My favorite places in the Glockenbach/Gärtnerplatz area:

734319_web_R_K_B_by_Timo              (Bild: Timo Klostermeier,

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Feeling Blue(berry) today?

I always have been a big fan of blueberries. As a child I loved to eat the wild bilberries. Not only do they taste delicious, their inside is a juicy blueish purple, which colors your tongue and lips and gives you a funny look ( it also stains your cloth, so the fun was over once Mum did see that:).  Wild bilberries are hard to find but blueberries are easily available. Although you miss out on the freakish look ( they are white inside) they nonetheless do taste great and are very healthy. They make a perfect partner for a beautiful chia dessert!

Recipe: Blue Chia Seed Pudding


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Bavarian Cheesecake

It looks like I am currently hooked up on sweets! I have the urge to bake a cake a week. I hope this will be over before I get really fat:)

My husband loves the classic American Cheesecake. But me, having grown up on the Bavarian countryside, I miss the typical Bavarian Cheesecake, which traditionally is made with curd cheese.

I recently  found a nice vegan recipe in Nicole Just’s La Veganista. I did change it a bit (less sugar and with whole grain) and it really turned out fantastic!

Recipe: Bavarian Cheesecake


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