Indoor athlete’s Chickpea Curry

Cold, rainy, windy …Yuck!  It is simply nasty at the moment.  But good food always can improve my mood, so instead of going out for a run and work on my fitness I go to the kitchen and work on my waistline:)

Chickpeas provide protein, spinach contains iron and potatoes make you feel full – a perfect dish for a rainy day indoor athlete.

Recipe: Chickpea-Spinach-Potato Curry


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Cranberry or Preiselbeere: Who cares, let’s JAM it!

That sour red thingy  – is it a US cranberry or a German Preiselbeeere?

Well, there are differences between them, like their size and how they grow.

But hey – those are all just outward appearances. What counts are the inner values! And  here, they are very similar. Both offer a lot of antibacterial benefits, help against cold and bladder infections; and both are  best enjoyed cooked as a nice cranberry jam (or Preiselbeerkonfitüre).

So here comes a quick recipe, but be warned, there is a lot of sugar in it:)

Recipe: Cranberry Jam

joanna-kosinska-488793-unsplashPhoto by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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Biofach 2019 – my highlights

I am a foodie! I am always roaming the world for tasty, new vegan food options. So every year I make sure I go to Biofach, the worlds leading organic food fair  to meet organic producers and be inspired by the latest international industry trends.

Once again there have been many yummy things to taste . Picture me:  In one hand I had a vegan raw sausage, in the other a vegan ice-cream, after just eating vegan cheese and being on my way to a booth with a simply irresistible chocolate – as always I ate way too much, but loved every second of it!!

Here are my three highlights from the show:

bethany-szentesi-1108211-unsplashPhoto by Bethany Szentesi on Unsplash

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From Black Eye to Green Soup: Peas, Mint & Coconut

Sometimes the stimulus to cook a new recipe comes from an unexpected direction.

Cleaning up the uppermost shelf of my wardrobe, trying to tighten und lash up our winter blankets while standing on a wobbly stool (Attention: DO NOT TRY THIS!) I managed to give myself a full blown punch on my left eye. It really hurt and my eye started to swell (well, at least I did not knock myself out). My husband sprinted to the kitchen and came back with a bag of frozen peas to put on. You see, a green diet improves health:)

But what to do with those half-defrosted peas? Helene Holunder has a wonderful recipe in her book “Meine Familie isst vegan” (My family eastes vegan), to make good use of them.

Recipe: Pea-Soup with Mint and Coconut


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Red Morning Love Portion

Its time for a green smoothie which is not green:)  Today’s breakfast is a love potion for your body – in bright red.

Beetroot offers a high concentration of Betain and stimulates the liver. Your body will be able to more easily detox from all those toxins. The minerals in pineapple help to fight hyperacidity and basil has an antibacterial effect, in case you caught some mean cold while partying.

Recipe: Red Love Portion



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Get ready for a vegan Oktoberfest 2017

Once again a very special time is approaching. In less than a week the Oktoberfest 2017 will start. Locals and tourist, young and old, hipsters and traditionalist, they all come together to drink, eat and enjoy Bavarian cosiness.

Much beer will be consumed and, unfortunately, many pigs, cows and chickens have to give their lives to fill hungry stomachs. But vegans do not need to despair. Vegan food has conquered Oktoberfest, too, and you will find vegan options at nearly all tents. Below I did put together some tips & recommendations for a vegan Wiesn 2017. So get ready for a stroll around the Oktoberfest and have fun!

479707_web_R_B_by_Michaela Schö

(Picture: Michaela Schellhorn,

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