Hi, I am Daniela. I support people who want to change their lives. Sharing my ideas, knowledge and inspirations for a  healthy, sustainable and  joyful lifestyle  I want to help YOU to live a happier life!

Living of tasteless grains and horrible vegetables, showering with cold water and smelly soap, wearing plastic shoes. You can not enjoy life anymore, loose all your friends and will always be hungry ….  We all have run into those prejudices. Vegans still are considered  “lunatic”.  Being a vegan since  2012 ( and a vegetarian since 1988), let me tell you: None of it is true! My life is a life of indulgence and luxeries, of delicious food, of new and interesting friends, full of exciting new places and experiences, full of love, happiness and joy

It is “THE GOOD VEGAN LIFE”  – and I want to share with you how to live this vegan life to it’s max.

How about YOU? How do YOU enjoy the good vegan life?


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