Red Morning Love Portion

Its time for a green smoothie which is not green:)  Today’s breakfast is a love potion for your body – in bright red.

Beetroot offers a high concentration of Betain and stimulates the liver. Your body will be able to more easily detox from all those toxins. The minerals in pineapple help to fight hyperacidity and basil has an antibacterial effect, in case you caught some mean cold while partying.

Recipe: Red Love Portion




1 small Beetroot

1/2 small pineapple

12 basil leaves

400 ml water


Peel the beetroot and cut in junks. Peel the pineapple, remove the stalk and also cut in junks. Wash the basil leaves. Put all into your Highspeed blender, add the water an mix well.

This colour – just tantalising!!

You love Beetroot? Check out my other Beetroot Smoothie with Blueberries HERE


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