Bloody Morning: Beetroot-Blueberry Smoothie

Green Smoothies do not always have to be green. Depending on what you throw into your mixer you can end up with some interesting colours. Blueberries and Beetroots will make this smoothie turn out a very bright bloody red. Yes, vegans are mean hunters – poor little beetroots  and blueberries better hide from us:)

Recipe: Beetroot-Blueberry Smoothie (for 300 ml)



1 hand of fresh baby spinach leaves

3 hands of blueberry (during winter I used frozen ones)

3 raw midsize beetroots

1/2 small cucumber

150 -200 ml water


Throw it all into your mixer and press the magic button until smooth.

This red hero will provide you with a lot of power and energy. Blueberries are very anti-oxidative, protecting your body from free radicals. They can help to lower blood pressure and blood sugar and help you to increase your memory performance. Beetroots support the creation of mitochondria. They are the power plants of the cells and help you to increase your performance.

So be prepared for a fantastic day with a supercharged mind and body! And maybe some pink pee:)


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