Oktoberfest 2015: Get ready for a vegan Wiesn


O’zafpt is! Get Ready – Go Vegan!

Oktoberfest 2015 will start in less than a week. From 19th of September until 4th of October Munich once more will be celebrating like crazy. With more than 6 million visitors from all over the world I am sure some vegans will find their way, too.

Over 16 big tents, 21 small tents and many small booths will offer local specialties; sadly most of it will not be vegan (last year more  than 112 oxen and 48 calves had to give their life). Still, no reason to despair. As a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle becomes more and more common, even traditional events like the Oktoberfest start to pick up the trend. Vegetarian food is easy to be found and even vegan dishes make it to the menus.

Below you will find a quick overview of where to satisfy your VEGAN hunger. Print out the list and start your vegan Oktoberfest tour. If you want to find out more about the tents (history, size, party-level..) you can follow the links provided below.

479742_web_R_B_by_Michaela Schöllhorn_pixelio.de(Picture by by_Michaela Schöllhorn, www.pixelio.de)

Basic Tips on how to survive the Oktoberfest

As a true “Münchner Kindl” and living only 10 minutes walking distance from the Oktoberfest, I go there every year since a baby (actually my mum broke the news of being pregnant to her family at the Oktoberfest). So once I started to be vegan, I didn’t want to stop this tradition, and started came up with some basic survival tips:

1:  Do not expect the waitresses to know the detailed ingredients;  most of the time they are too busy to go and ask in the kitchen. Wiesn is hell and they have a hard job! Be aware that  salads may have joghurt in their dressing, dumplings contain milk and eggs, potato salad are made with a meat-stock, same for soups. You still can ask the waitress, but have a fall-back solution if she can not answer.

2: If you bring your own food (which is not allowed), I recommend to tell the waitress and explain her your “desperate” situation. They earn from selling beer and food, so if you bring your own, she will earn less. Tip her well to make up for the loss. Last year I did bring my own bread spreads (which go  great with Brezn) and some Tofu/Seitan meat. Check out Radix in Thalkirchner-Strasse 88 or Veganz at Baldestrasse 21 and stock up before you go to the Oktoberfest.

3: Check the menu of the tents well ahead of time and email to the owners to clarify if and what is available for vegans. Demand drives the market: We have to let them know we are out there and we are potential customers.

The Oktoberfest Beer

First things first… one of the most important things at the Wiesn is the beer. More than 6 million liters are drunk every year. And while I do not want to promote to bing drink, I do recommend to have at last one sip of Oktoberfest beer. It is brewed especially for the Oktoberfest and tastes especially good. And it is vegan. The Bavarian Purity Requirements, one of the oldest laws concerning food and drink, states that only water, hops and barley should be used to brew Bavarian beer.

Vegan highlight – Herzkasperl at the Oide Wiesn

Since 2010 the “Oide Wiesn” is a separate section dedicated to the good old times. Here you find stalls selling old-fashioned candies, the carousels make you travel back in time and the beer is served in stone beer mugs. Traditional small music bands as well as the new and hip folk music scene stage here and you can join into  dance lessons for traditional Bavarian folk dances. Entrance is limited and there is a fee of 3 Euros per person. With less of the party-folk and tourists the Oide Wiesn is less crowded and also offers THE BEST vegan options for us. The tent Herzkasperl was the first tent ever to serve dedicated vegan dishes back in 2013 and this year’s options are just mouth-watering again.

Pumpkin-cream soup with a pumpkin-seed bread

Lamb’s lettuce with turnip cabbage carpaccio

Soy-medaillons with spaetzle (small noodles,  which are normally made of egg)  and chanterelles in a cream sauce


Soy-vegetable goulash with spaetzle and melted onions

Apfelkücherl (apple-rings fried in a sweet beer-dough

Vegan food at big tents


Herbal corn patties with a mash of peas and mint, garden cress and a blue potato gratin

Schützen Festhalle

Grilled green asparagus with an orange – pistachio sauce and basil leaves.


Sojasteak with potato-vegetable salad, melted onions and BBQ sauce


Plate of mixed radish: Munich-style beer-radish, red radish, white radish (Eiszapfen/icicles) and bread with chives


Their salad (Schützensalat) with grilled mushrooms may be vegan  I have to double-check

Fischer Vroni

Wok-dish with smoked tofu, fried rice noodles and vegetables

Winzerer Fähndl

Salad with raspberry-lentils and quinao burger (Wald- und Wiesensalat)

Hofbräu Festzelt

Mixed or green salad and boiled potatoes

Kufflers Weinzelt

Tom Gha Jay – vegan Thai coconut soup with vegetables and mushrooms

Vegan Thai Curry

Mediterranean vegetable plate – “Grigliata di verdure”, grilled baby-artichokes, eggplant, peppers, zucchini and fennel, with olive oil and herbs, served with a baguette

Vegan food at small tents

Hühner- und Entenbraterei Ammer

Sandwich with sunflower margarine and chives (organic!)

Carrot-spelt spread )organic!)

Pumpkin-spread (organic!)

Cornmeal patties with vegetables and herbs (organic!)

Organic Radish and red radish with chives-sandwich

Organic green salad, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds with balsamico vinegar and fried mushrooms

Apple strudel with plum sauce

Ice-praline with cocos

Red fruit pudding with coconut crust

Glöckle Wirt

Curry with coconut milk and jasmine rice (spicy


Mushrooms with coconut-herb cream and potato dumplings

Wirtshaus im Schichtl

Baked potatoes with grilled vegetables

Zum Stiftl

Pan-fried vegetables with tomato sauce and spelt seeds with fried grated potatoes

Sauerkraut strudel with almonds and curry with vegetable ragout (organic!)

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn

Tarte flambeé with tomatoes

Cafe Mohrenkopf

vegan cakes with fuites

Fisch Bäda

Vegetable soup with ginger and lemon gras

Wok dish with smoked Tofu with tomato-apricot chutney and curried vegetables

Mixed salad with balsamico vinegar and roasted kernels

Green salad with herbal dressing, glass noodles – wakame salad and wild mushrooms

Coconut-milk cinnamon icecream with rosmary-apple ragout

Vegan wine Sangiovese I.G.T.

Entenbraterei Wildmoser

King oyster mushrooms (organic & regional!) with soy-cream sauce and served with fried dumpling-slices

Heinz Wurst- und Hühnerbraterei

Green salad with balsalmico dressing and roasted nuts

Vegan food at stands

Gulaschkanone (In front of the Löwenbräu tent)

Carrot-ginger soup (delivered daily by one if Munich’s best vegan restaurants Max Pett)

Stand Hoffmann (on the opposite side of Marstall, at the main entrance)

White Mushrooms

Potato pancakes

Fleckalm (Strasse 3 West,  -2-)

Flatbread (sourdough) with sour cream and vegan cheese

Feinkost Anthuber (Wirtsbudenstrasse 84)

vegetable, soy and tofu burgers


Backstube Krems


Wustbraterei Ebert (Strasse 5, Nr 16)


Burtschers Grillhaus  (between Bräurosel und Löwenbräu tent)

Vegan wraps with couscous filling

Bauer’s Ofenkartoffeln (directly in front of the Weinzelt)

Baked potatoes with a soy-chives sauce (gluten free!)

For more info on the Oktoberfest in general (how to get to the Oktoberfest, list of tents, opening hours,..) visit http://www.oktoberfest.de/en

So now you are all set – Have FUN and  enjoy a GREAT VEGAN WIESN!

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